H&B Sparkle Ball™ Stud Earrings - Rose Gold Pearl LE
H&B Sparkle Ball™ Stud Earrings - Rose Gold Pearl LE

Hillberg & Berk

H&B Sparkle Ball™ Stud Earrings - Rose Gold Pearl LE

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The ocean meets the garden. Pearl, our best-selling Birthstone Sparkle, now has a hint of rose. Tiny pearl beads adorn these studs to create a soft shine. Deeply romantic.

• Sterling silver
• 8mm Rose Gold Pearl Sparkle Ball™
• 10mm Rose Gold Pearl Sparkle Ball™

About Hillberg & Berk

Sparkle Balls™ are Swarovski crystals hand-set in clay a base with a Hillberg & Berk printed sterling silver cap.

Hillberg & Berk is a Regina, Saskatchewan female-led company devoted to empowering women through design. One of their main goals is to help women believe that they sparkle, every day. They strive to help women capture their unique sparkle and share it with others. That sparkle is confidence, it is self-love, it is laughter and it is joy.

Store your jewellery individually in an air-tight container to prevent tarnishing and chipping. Your H&B box is a great place to store it too. Keep your jewellery sparkling bright by cleaning or buffing with an untreated or dry polishing cloth. Keep your jewellery away from the bathroom, heating vents or window sills, as damp and hot conditions can cause the jewellery to tarnish faster. Protect your jewellery by avoiding contact with soaps, perfumes, lotions, makeup and hair products etc. Do not wear Hillberg & Berk jewelry in water.

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