Men's Ultra Comfort Socks - Golf Carts

Friday Sock Co.

Men's Ultra Comfort Socks - Golf Carts

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Men's 7-12 US/CAN | 39-46 EUR
Women's 8-13 US/CAN

Produced using OEKO-TEX® Certified Egyptian Combed Cotton*
No-Feel Toe Link™

Soft Terry Cotton Footbed
Arch Support

85% OEKO-TEX® Certified Egyptian Combed Cotton*
12% Nylon
3% Elastane

The heels and toes of our socks are reinforced with cotton to keep them soft. No holes here! Yarn blend extends inside the top cuff for extra durability and comfort, and we have sewn thread closures on all labels.

Friday socks are designed a little big on purpose. While tumble drying (for any laundry) is not recommended, if you need them to shrink down a bit - putting them through one or two wash/dry cycles should do the trick.