Whiskey Decanter - Atlas

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Whiskey Decanter - Atlas

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Hand-Blown by Skilled Artisans
The decanter is intricately handcrafted. You feel a sense of history and quality on every sip.

Etched Globe Design Enjoy the brilliance and beauty of this handcrafted design as you spin the globe and watch the etched continents turn with your favorite liquor.

Atlas Inspired Base The display base is a statue of Atlas with the weight of the world within his hands.

Airtight Glass Stopper The ground glass stopper creates a durable airtight seal to last a lifetime. Air will not mix with the purity of the liquor. The pure essence of the liquor is preserved and not evaporated.

• Product Dimensions: 6x5x11 inches
• Product Weight: 8lbs
• Product Volume: 1000ml
• Glass: Lead-Free
• Base: Atlas Inspired Base
• Use: Liquor or Wine Decanter