Chef Apron - Thin Black Stripes Linen
Chef Apron - Thin Black Stripes Linen
Chef Apron - Thin Black Stripes Linen

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Chef Apron - Thin Black Stripes Linen

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Cooking brings everyone together, and having a perfect balance between mess and looking sharp is essential. The Linen Chef Apron is made from 100% durable yet soft material. Suitable for both men & women.

Width: 100 cm | 39 inch
Length: 98 cm | 38 inch

• Two front pockets are perfect for keeping things at hand
• Neck strap is easily adjustable
• Tie closure lets you comfortably adjust the size
• 100% linen, 215 g/m2
• Stone washed for extra softness
• Handmade with love in Lithuania
• OEKO-TEX® and EUROPEAN FLAX® certified linen fabric

Machine Washing

  • Linen should be washed at 40°C / 100 °F. If some heavy-duty stains appear, you can increase the temperature up to 60 °C / 140 °F. However, high temperatures shouldn’t be used too often as fabric tends to shrink.
  • Linen should be washed separately from other fabrics and colors.
  • If your washing machine allows you to select the water level, choose the highest one offered because linen is highly absorbent.


  • Linen can be dried in a tumble dryer on a low temperature, hung, or left to dry flat on a white towel.
  • If using a tumble dryer, take the linen out when it’s still damp and complete drying by hanging it or laying flat.
  • If possible, allow white linen pieces to dry out in the sun. It will help to maintain the fresh whiteness.
  • Drying white linen in the sun helps retain the original white color.
  • Overdrying is the most harmful process for fabrics as it weakens the fibers causing shrinkage and pilling.
  • Over-dried items restore their natural moisture content after re-absorbing moisture from the air.


  • Iron linen while it’s still slightly damp.
  • Use medium or high temperatures and steam. If needed, you can also spray some water on the fabric.
  • Iron on the reverse side.
  • Smooth and fold, or press with an iron if desired.
  • If you like the natural, slightly crinkled look of linen, you can skip the ironing.


  • Our washed linen production is highly resistant for shrinkage compared with non-washed linen.
  • Pre-shrunk items normally shrink 3 percent or less.
  • Do not wash or, especially, dry linens on a hot setting, which is most likely to cause shrinkage.