Himalayan - Small Driftwood Candle Tray

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Himalayan - Small Driftwood Candle Tray

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Suggesting memories of sea-borne driftwood washed ashore and dried in the sun, this hand carved Driftwood Candle Tray is a weathered, light color, natural, renewable mango wood tray with a braided raffia tassel, handsome leather dustcover and a tied jute decorative accent. Each candle will vary slightly in appearance. This brawny candle is twelve and a half inches by three inches tall with two wicks.

These Driftwood Tray candles are hand poured in Georgia, by experienced candle makers, with twenty-four ounces of a clean burning, United States grown, fragranced soy wax blend with a high-quality fragrance compound oil. 

This candle should give approximately thirty five to forty hours of burn time. And, as with all our candles, the Wood Candle Tray can be reused once the wicks have burned away, and it has been cleaned out, by refilling with our easy Candle Making Kit, or repurposed as a decorative container for your table, dresser or desk, to be used time and time again.

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