Lamp Fragrance Refill - Starck Peau de Pierre 500ml

Maison Berger

Lamp Fragrance Refill - Starck Peau de Pierre 500ml

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Celebrated French designer Philippe Starck explores the intrigue of contrasts in his Peau de Pierre body perfume developed by leading perfumer Daphne Bugey. As part of their new collaboration, Maison Berger Paris has transposed Starck’s unusual blend of spice, flowers, and minerals into a home fragrance. In the head, spicy scents of caraway and cardamom, underlined by zesty notes of bergamot, exude personality and character. The heart reveals an aromatic floral bouquet of angelica, heliotrope, and jasmine, sprinkled with cinnamon and cloves. This mysterious composition is accentuated by a base of woody amber, musk, and slightly smoky vanilla. Cold stones are softened by flowers and warmed by a sprinkle of spice in a fragrance where opposites surrender to each other’s influence, creating something new.

Peau de Pierre by Starck

Floral and spicy notes entwine in an intoxicating fragrance with a magnetic pull. Acclaimed French designer Philippe Starck’s Peau de Pierre (pronounced “ poh de PI-air”) body perfume has been interpreted for the home. With a name that roughly translates to “skin of stone,” the fragrance opens on the spice of caraway and cardamom and the zest of bergamot, before continuing with a floral bouquet of angelica, jasmine, and heliotrope sprinkled with cinnamon and clove. The base is a warm and woody blend of sandalwood, vanilla, incense, labdanum, amber, and musks.

Caraway, Bergamot, Cardamom

Angelica, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Clove, Heliotrope

Sandalwood, Vanilla, Incense, Labdanum, Amber, Musks

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