Maison Berger - Lamp Set Starck Green

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Maison Berger - Lamp Set Starck Green

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In this new collaboration, Maison Berger Paris has teamed up with Philippe Starck, one of the world’s most influential and well-known French designers. In a nod to Maison Berger’s origins in a pharmacy, the striking shape of the Starck Green Lamp is a surprising and elegant interpretation of narrow-necked laboratory vials. The metallic cap is adorned with a pattern inspired by moving molecules. The transparent light green glass diffuser hearkens to the natural notes of Starck’s Peau d’Ailleurs body fragrance, created by perfumer Annick Menardo and reinterpreted for your home by Maison Berger Paris. In this inventive composition, powdery floral notes of iris blend with mineral accords and green, springlike facets, elevated by a musky woody base to evoke an enigmatic “elsewhere.” In one vessel, a whole new world of creation awaits.

“You create your own decoration. You choose your color, you choose your mood.” - Philippe Starck

Lamp sold in a gift pack with accessories: wick-burner, silver diffuser cap, silver stopper, funnel and 250ml fragrance listed below.

Peau d’Ailleurs by Starck

This green and earthy perfume for the home is transcendent! Renowned French designer Philippe Starck’s body perfume Peau d’Ailleurs (pronounced “poh dai-YUR”) has been adapted for the home by Maison Berger Paris. With a name that translates loosely to “skin from elsewhere,” this fragrance opens on a fresh and powdery blend of green notes, mineral accords, and violet leaf. Iris and rose entwine in a floral dance in the heart before the composition closes on earthy patchouli, vegetal vetiver, leather, and musk. 

Green Notes, Mineral Accords, Violet Leaf

Iris, Rose

Patchouli, Vetiver, Leather, Musk

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