Tulipa Optic Tumbler - set of 6

David Shaw

Tulipa Optic Tumbler - set of 6

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A fine, consistent pattern of reeded glass enhances the curved bowls of the Tulipa collection. Light is refracted beautifully onto the table, adding interest and texture. This versatile tumbler that can be used as a stemless wine glass; for whisky or as a juice glass.
  • Crystal glass, reinforced with metal oxides including Titanium to create a perfectly clear, strong and resistant glass. Ultra fine, laser cut rims.
  • Material: Crystalline Glass
  • Dimensions: Ø9.4 x H9.9cm
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • Care: Dishwasher safe

Crystalex builds on the world-renown tradition of Czech glassmaking and takes it into the 21st century and beyond. Originally from Nový Bor, a town which has for centuries been the center of Northern Bohemian glass industry, Crystalex offers the best of Czech glassmaking craftsmanship. We are the biggest producer of drinkware in all Czechia and are among the foremost glass producers worldwide.

For over fifty years, Crystalex products have been carrying the Bohemia Crystal™ trademark which guarantees the highest quality in both material and production processes. Products designated with this prestigious trademark have become synonymous with the tried and tested quality of the Czech glassmaking craft. We are proud that we can continue to offer products which merge historical experience and tradition with modern technologies and the ingenuity of Czech specialists.